Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bonus Week: 3 DEV ADAM (3 Giant Men: Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man, 1973)

       So there's one more movie we've got to cover with the year of el santo. Truly this is the most demented thing I've had to endure yet with this blog. Apparently Santo's popularity spread across the atlantic ocean. Not really surprising news, as the man was just as famous in Spain as he was in South America. However, it appears his reach went as far as Turkey. 

A...loose adaptation of an American icon.

       He was so famous in Turkey, that apparently Turkish filmmakers felt the need to make their own Santo picture. It's not actually a Santo starring vehicle though, as he's teamed up with Captain America, also ripped off, to combat the nefarious Spider-Man, also ripped off, and turned into a murderous counterfeiting/antique dealer. The final product is 3 Dev Adam (pronounced "UH DUM"). 

Fake spider-man ass stomping!

       Captain America and El Santo arrive from North America (obviously played by turkish actors) to aid Turkish law enforcement in their efforts to capture the Spider-Man, who has fled his bloody conflicts with the Mafia in the US, and is now on a strange and mostly unexplained mass murder spree throughout Turkey. It's seriously messed up. He buries women up to their necks in beach sand, and then has his henchman push a spinning boat propeller into his screaming face, FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL! He breaks into couples' homes while they're having sex in the shower (?!) and stabs them to death with fire pokers, FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL! He even jumps out of a wood pile to stab a man he perceives to be a mafia tail, FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL! 

El Mullet

     So while this nonsense is going on, fake Captain America and fake El Santo roam around Turkey, sans superhero costumes. Not that big a deal where Captain America is concerned, even though he's obviously not caucasian or even American. On the other hand, we see fake El Santo's face a great deal, which is a big no no in the genuine movies. In real life, no one saw Santo's face, except for his closest loved ones. A public unmasking was about the worst shaming a luchador could suffer. There are a few instances in the Santo movies where he's about to be unmasked that are played to great dramatic effect. Not here though. He spends most of the movie out of costume. What's even more frustrating is how little effort is put into making the costumes look good. Fake Captain America runs around with the cowl of his mask flapping about, never bothering to tuck it into the top of his tights and make it look right. Even more grievous is that fake El Santo has a MULLET!


      Watching this batshit insane movie, I wonder how much of it was made out of a crass need to cash in on the name recognition of this characters, and how much of it was totally inept ignorance of them. I have a feeling its a little from column A, and a little from column B. It's pretty clear that the filmmakers are having fun taking the piss out of these western pop culture icon, Spider-man in particular. While Captain America is portrayed as somewhat superhuman, Spiderman displays none of his usual superpowers, instead using doubles of himself (who are slaughtered in the dozens by fake Captain America) and mostly getting his ass kicked. There's a genuine sloppiness to the filmmaking, as scenes begin before the actors have heard action called. Fights are showns from multiple angles, with hits shown in their entirety multiple times, and obviously not on purpose. 


No Silver Masks given as this shit is obviously fake.

Fun Fact: The prints for this movie were supposedly lost in a fire at the Turkish film studio that made. All that's available now are video transfers. 

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