Friday, December 30, 2011

Week 40: Santo y Blue Demon en las bestias del terror (Santo and Blue Demon in the Beasts of Terror, 1972)

         So we've reached a bit of a milestone readers! I've dragged myself, bloodied, battered, and possibly just a little less sane, to the 40th movie in the El Santo franchise. It's been a long hard road out of mexican wrestling hell, but there's finally light at the end of the tunnel, with only a dozen movies left to go now. Unfortunately, movie number 40 is a bit of a dud. 

Santo and Blue, together again, for their worst team up ever.

     That's probably shocking news for some of you, considering that its features Blue Demon, who usually tends to bring the best out of Santo during these team up movies, but sadly, he's wasted here. Honestly, both men are. I'm not exactly sure why they're even in the movie. It's another kidnapping drama, and for some reason, masked wrestlers are needed to handle such a situation. Of course, they only work on the case during the down time between wrestling matches. Gotta get those in after all! 

"hey, where's these terror beasts you promised us?"

      As I said, its another kidnapping drama. The title is extremely misleading. There are no beasts, and almost no terror in The Beasts Of Terror. One would think misleading titles would be a fairly common thing with these movies, considering how cheaply they're made, but this is the only one I can really recall being the only overtly misleading title. It's certainly the most annoying. If you're going to give your movie a title like that, you damn well better have some kind of monster thing in it. Shit, put a couple guys in gorilla suits and have Santo and Blue beat the living shit out of them. 

"Face my barbed penis of justice evil doer!"

     The only time the movie ever comes close to matching its title, and this is in the vaguest of terms, is when the kidnappers and their prey all become prisoners themselves of a mad scientist. He blathers on about his experiments, and has a hunchback working for him, but his experiments are never elaborated upon. There's one scene where he feeds one of the kidnappers to three angry dogs. Are these the beasts of terror? If they are, they are the lamest terror beasts I've ever seen. Take a gander at the screen grab below and try to tell me with a straight face that you'd feel threatened by those three dogs. Get some rottweilers, or dobermans or something! Sheesh...

The most non-threatening dogs ever.

      The only really other interesting bit to be found in the movie, is a reference to Santo and Blue Demon being old timers now. The same guy who is always a henchman in these things is back as a henchman here, and given the name Marco. He's even given a backstory, as a failed wrestler who got into the kidnapping racket. Santo and Blue Demon know him from "their time" as wrestling stars. A contact of Blue's refers to Marco as "a guy from your time." It's the first time I've noticed any of these movies referencing the fact that both these gentlemen are getting up there, at this point in their movie careers.


One Silver Mask out of a possible Five

Fun Fact: Kidnapping is quite a common criminal enterprise throughout Mexico and South America.

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