Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 26: Santo frente a la muerte (Santo Faces Death, 1969)

        We're at the half way point with the year of el santo now, and I'm sad to say that we've delved into the dogshit movies again. La Muerte is just about the worst one of these movies I've seen so far, I dub it the worst due to its utterly boring plot line.  Not one moment of the movie is engaging or interesting. It's also in Black and White, which in and of itself is not a sin, but when compared to the past few, superior movies, all of which were in color, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. I'm guessing the reason for the lack of color this time out is that this was a film produced before the previous entries and held from release for whatever reasons, maybe because it was just so goddamned dull. I don't care really...

Santo in action!

     The plot, or what I gleaned from it when I actually bothered to pay attention, is that some rare jewel thief who calls himself the Stranger, is blackmailing female pro wrestlers into doing his dirty work for him. One in particular is being forced to be his apex henchman under threat of her captive father being murdered. Santo is brought in by Interpol to deal with the situation. 


       A tedious foot race ensues between Santo, the Police, and the Stranger with his lady wrestler henchwomen. Most of it is plodding and inane. The only amusing part, and its amusing because it doesn't intend to be, is when Santo and a Cop try to surveil their quarry on foot through city streets, ala The French Connection, only its painfully obvious to the crooks they're being followed, because one of the guys following them is in a SILVER SPARKLING LUCHADOR MASK! There's also some meant-to-be tantalizing stuff with a sexy belly dancer, and the return of That Guy who appeared in so many of these earlier movies as a villain. You know the one, I've mentioned him plenty of times. I'm not showing you a picture of him again, so go back through the previous reviews yourself. None of it really makes for anything exciting.

Yeah yeah...belly dancers, big F'ing deal...

      With a title as dramatic as Santo Faces Death, you'd think something really dramatic and shocking would happen. You know Santo's not actually going to die, but maybe he'd have to best the grim reaper in chess or a best out of three pins wrestling match. Alas, this entry is the most mundane and tedious yet. Fuck this movie. 


No silver masks out of a possible Five. 

Fun Fact: This film is also known as Santo vs. The Mafia Killers. 

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