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Week 15: Santo en el Barón Brakola (a.k.a. Santo in Baron Brakola, 1965)

     Vampires again. Yup, Brakola's a vampire, in case that title wasn't entirely obvious to you. Santo once again clashes with a Vampire. Watching this film, I'm not entirely sure what the point of it was, besides being a Hammer horror rip off. I'm assuming that it was made to justify the expense put out for the period costumes from Diabolical Axe, since those nifty outfits make a prolonged return in this entry.

"like sitting through the rest of this movie"

        Baron Brakola involves the titular title villain returning from a long slumber to seek vengeance on the descendants of the Knight in the Silver Mask, descendants who are obviously El Santo. It turns out that this Knight once upon a time slew Brakola's betrothed, Rebecca. For some reason, Mexican vampires are forced to go into a centuries long hibernation period when someone kills one of their vampire lovers. I say Mexican, because I've never heard that rule applying to any other vampires before this movie, so I'm assuming it only applies to vampires that live south of the border. 

Baron Brakola

   While pitting Santo against another vampire, the movie is mostly a rehash of week 13's Diabolical Axe. Brakola swears vengeance on the Knight descendants, just as the Black Mask did. Most of his motivation is getting even with Santo and Rebecca's descendants. See, Brakola turned Rebecca into a vampire after she spurned him as a suitor in "New Spain". Unable to defeat Brakola himself, the Knight and Rebecca's family decide to release her by staking her in the heart. Nice guys! 

Paging Dr. Santo

       A good deal of the movie takes place during a flashback. I mentioned that the period attire is back and boy, do we see a lot of it here. They must've paid a lot for these get ups, and felt the need to really get their value out of them. Since the Santo of New Spain is still wearing his fencing outfit, one must assume, looking at these event chronologically, that these flashback events take place BEFORE the flashback events of Diabolical Axe. So this encounter with Baron Brakola back in the day happened to Santo's ancestor before he fought the Black Mask and was turned into the first Santo by his stinky wizard pal. Maybe I'm over thinking this though...

Santo's great great great great great Grandfather

      Baron Brakola has to be the most craptastic villain these movies have had so far. This guy is such a shit vampire. What kind of high powered vampire with a Baron title can't overpower a professional wrestler? He also screams like a girl and runs away like an asshole whenever someone shows him a cross. Now, I know vampires are allergic to crosses or whatever, and that they're suppose to make them cringe, but at least have him do something dramatic and cool, like get choked up, or cover himself with his cape. Nope. He screams like a sissy girl and runs out of the room like he saw a mouse. What a loser. 

NOT Twilight!

    Sadly, we've hit another dud with Baron Brakola. There's nothing all that redeeming or exciting for me to write about. There's only two wrestling matches in this thing, and the first one is a tag team event where Santo's opponents fight dirty. He makes short work of those two bozos. The other event is just a plot device to have santo fight the woefully unprepared Brakola in a speedo. Stupid.


One silver mask out of a possible five.

Fun Fact: In Aztec mythology, the Civatateo was a sort of vampire, created when a noblewoman died in childbirth.

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